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Track 9 - Sacrifices must be made

The next song in our daily title announcement of our upcoming album

"Before you the pyramid is rising
Steps over steps
Thousands you can't count
The almighty gods frown on you
And from the top ascends the priest!"

Sacrifices must be made

Track 5 - Everlasting Resistance

The next song in our daily title announcement of our upcoming album

"Your elements won't stop us now
no tales will tell what you have done
so you will be forgotten!"

Everlasting Resistance

Track 6 - Ghost Shaman

Let's start with the first song title of our upcoming album

"I will cure your wounds
and I will cure your soul
just give me flesh and bones
so I will cure it all!"

Ghost Shaman

DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS finally recorded!

finally recorded

After two years of hard work 'DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS' is finally recorded! Thanks to Kai and Kohle from 'Kohlekeller Studios'!

Last week Fabien played the drums at Kohlekeller - Studio A. This week the growls and screams of Martin and Maximilian were recodet at Kohlekeller - Studio B.

Now we all have to wait for the final mix.

Nach zwei Jahren harter Arbeit ist nun endlich alles für "DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS" aufgenommen! Danke an Kai und Kohle von den 'Kohlekeller Studios'!

Vergangene Woche hat Fabien im Kohlekeller - Studio A Schlagzeug gespielt. In dieser Woche wurden die Growls und Screams von Martin und Maximilian im Kohlekeller - Studio B eingespielt.

Jetzt müssen wir alle auf den finalen Mix warten.

finally recorded

KB-015-Serious business at Kohlekeller Studio

A long time ago in a studio far far away.

We are working hard on our upcoming album 'DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS' at 'Kohlekeller Studio'. All instruments are recorded. Now it is on Martin to do some epic screams. We are not playing with Star Wars Lego for sure. - read more...

Official DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS Release Show

On 09.11.18 we release our fourth album DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS! It's time to celebrate this together with our friends from REVOLT at KuBa Hall in Wolfenbüttel! Of course, you can already buy the new album and new merch on the evening! This time there will be zips as well as tops and shirts!

We will give you a mega live show and blow the new songs around you (Of course we also play older stuff)!

Do not miss this event!

Am 09.11.18 veröffentlichen wir unser viertes Album DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS! Das gilt es zu feiern, und zwar zusammen mit unseren Freunden von REVOLT in der KuBa Halle in Wolfenbüttel! Natürlich könnt ihr bereits an dem Abend das neue Album sowie neues Merch kaufen! Dieses mal wird es neben Tops und Shirts auch Zipper geben!

Wir werden euch eine mega Live Show kredenzen und euch die neuen Songs um die Ohren hauen (Natürlich spielen wir auch ältere Sachen)!

Lasst euch dieses Event nicht entgehen!

Release Show

Melissa Bonny on next album

Melissa Bonny (Rage Of Light & Evenmore) will be making a guest appearance on our upcoming album!

She will represent a bloodthirsty goddess on 'Dawn Of The Five Suns'!
For the first time there will be female growls on a Kambrium album!

Melissa Bonny (Rage Of Light & Evenmore) wird auf unserem kommenden Album gastieren!

Sie wird eine blutrünstige Göttin auf "Dawn Of The Five Suns" darstellen!
Zum ersten Mal wird es weibliche Growls auf einem Kambrium-Album geben!

Melissa Bonny

Photo: Vladimir Cochet

KB-014-Bass Recording

Mal eben schnell Bass aufnehmen.

Karsten und Martin sitzen zusammen im Wiesenberg-Studio und nehmen dort die Bassgitarre für das kommende Album "DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS" auf. - read more...

Martin Simon - Growls & Bass

"I take your spirit"

We are back with new promo photos taken by Isi (PHRENETICA Photography & Design)

promo photos

Primary Martin is just driving the bus.
Secondary he screams the whole time… even now.
You can hear him right now if you are quiet and listen.

Jan Hein - Orchestrations & Keyboards

"Awoken from darkness
and bound to the light
forever we stand as one
against all gods!"

We are back with new promo photos taken by Isi (PHRENETICA Photography & Design)

promo photos

Jan mixes catchy melodies and bestiality to create maximum greatness!
His strength consist of combining a variety of genres
to create something unique!

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