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Melissa Bonny on next album

Melissa Bonny (Rage Of Light & Evenmore) will be making a guest appearance on our upcoming album!

She will represent a bloodthirsty goddess on 'Dawn Of The Five Suns'!
For the first time there will be female growls on a Kambrium album!

Melissa Bonny (Rage Of Light & Evenmore) wird auf unserem kommenden Album gastieren!

Sie wird eine blutrünstige Göttin auf "Dawn Of The Five Suns" darstellen!
Zum ersten Mal wird es weibliche Growls auf einem Kambrium-Album geben!

Melissa Bonny

Photo: Vladimir Cochet



KB-014-Bass Recording

Mal eben schnell Bass aufnehmen.

Karsten und Martin sitzen zusammen im Wiesenberg-Studio und nehmen dort die Bassgitarre für das kommende Album "DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS" auf. - read more...



Promo Photos 2018 - Martin

Martin Simon - Growls & Bass

"I take your spirit"

We are back with new promo photos taken by Isi (PHRENETICA Photography & Design)

promo photos

Primary Martin is just driving the bus.
Secondary he screams the whole time… even now.
You can hear him right now if you are quiet and listen.



Promo Photos 2018 - Jan

Jan Hein - Orchestrations & Keyboards

"Awoken from darkness
and bound to the light
forever we stand as one
against all gods!"

We are back with new promo photos taken by Isi (PHRENETICA Photography & Design)

promo photos

Jan mixes catchy melodies and bestiality to create maximum greatness!
His strength consist of combining a variety of genres
to create something unique!



'DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS' release on November 9th

on November 9th

We have more details about our upcoming album. 'DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS' will be unleashed via NoiseArt Records on November 9th, 2018.

The beginning of a new Kambrium era! We are currently working hard to make the album a unique experience for the listener! On the 9th of November the time has come: 'DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS' will be unleashed! Look forward to the most epic Kambrium album!

More info coming soon - stay tuned.

wird am 9. November veröffentlicht

Wir haben mehr Details über unser kommendes Album. "DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS" wird am 9. November 2018 über NoiseArt Records veröffentlicht.

Der Beginn einer neuen Kambrium-Ära! Wir arbeiten gerade hart daran, das Album zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis für den Hörer zu machen! Am 9. November ist es so weit: "DAWN OF THE FIVE SUNS" wird entfesselt! Freut euch auf das epischste Kambrium-Album aller Zeiten!

Weitere Informationen folgen in Kürze - stay tuned.




Promo Photos 2018 - Karsten

Karsten Simon - Clean Vocals & Guitar

"Be prepared for the everlasting resistance!"

We are back with new promo photos taken by Isi (PHRENETICA Photography & Design)


Karsten is the technican.
It’s not just that his guitar play will leave you speachless.
He also knows everything about recording.
Want to learn something? Ask that guy.



Promo Photos 2018 - Maximilian

Maximilian Werner - Guitar & Backing Vocals

"Grind your spears and be prepared!"

We are back with new promo photos taken by Isi (PHRENETICA Photography & Design)


Maxi is as fast as lightning.
His fingers leave a trace of fire on his guitar while  sweeping over it.
He is a literate and historical intrested person,
who always has a friendly advice for you.



Promo Photos 2018 - Fabien

Fabien Chmiel - Drums

"Something great is awakening!"

We are back with new promo photos taken by Isi (PHRENETICA Photography & Design)
Let's start with the single-shots!

Fabien seems to be the quiet one.
But when he takes place behind his drumset,
he becomes the beast with tremendous brutality!
In his hands, the drums change into a thunder machine!



Making-of video from the first music video

Last weekend we were in Studio Duisburg for the shooting of the first music video for the upcoming album 'Dawn Of The Five Suns'. As a foretaste today there is the making-of video. The music video and the making-of were shot by 'offtoneadventures'. The guys are on it, and the music video is going to be awesome!

Letztes Wochenende waren wir im Studio Duisburg für den dreh des ersten Musikvideos für das kommende Album "Dawn Of The Five Suns". Als vorgeschmack gibt es heute das Making-of Video dazu! Das Musikvideo sowie das Making-of wurde von "offtoneadventures" gedreht. Die Jungs haben es drauf, und das Musikvideo wird der Hammer!

Making-of Video:




Concert tour through Copenhagen (DK) and Slagelse (DK).

We had a nice trip to Denmark in March 2018. Together with Seven Thorns we played two shows. The first one was in Copenhagen and the second was in Slagelse. Lars, the drummer of Seven Thornes, prepared the best breakfast for us. Between the concerts we visited castle Vallø. - read more...



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