Jan Hein – Composer & Orchestrations


Jan Hein

Jan mixes catchy melodies and bestiality to create maximum greatness!
His strength consist of combining a variety of genres
to create something unique!
Date of birth: Nov. 04, 1987
Favorite albums: Miracle Of Sound: Everything
Jorn Lande – Dracula
Antti Martikainen – Northern Steel
Vàli – Forlatt
Favorite movies: Avengers Infinity War
Guardians Of The Galaxy 1&2
Dr. Strange
Iron Man
What we do in the shadows
Spider-Man – A new universe
Lord Of The Rings
Star Wars
Into The Wild
Favorite games: Red Dead Redemption 2
Detroid become human
God Of War
Uncharted franchise
Favorite Kambrium songs: Dawn Of The Five Suns
Cabrakan, God Of Mountains
Ghost Shaman

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source: Isi (PHRENETICA Photography & Design)