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KAMBRIUM. They're death metal combined with melodic orchestrations, varied vocals, cutting guitars and booming drums. Since 2005 the band who hail from Helmstedt (GER) mixes epic with death metal for a balanced and catchy music that encourages you to bang your head and sing along.

Upcoming Shows

(More dates to be announced soon, stay tuned!)

Date: Doors / Show: Venue: Location:
Jun. 23-25, 2017 tba / tba Adorfer Open Air Adorf Vogtland (GER)
Jul. 05-08, 2017 tba / tba RockHarz Festival 2017 Ballenstedt (GER)
Sep. 01, 2017 tba / tba Metallergrillen Open Air 2017 Katzenbach (GER)
Sep. 02, 2017 tba / tba Laut gegen Krebs Sandersleben (Anhalt) (GER)

Latest News

Dark Reveries album back in shop

Good news for all who did not receive a Dark Reveries CD!

They are back in our shop and they are really fresh. Order this album now and you can smell the CD pressing plant 😉

Gute Nachrichten für alle, die keine Dark Reveries CD erhalten haben!

Sie sind wieder in unserem Shop erhältlich und sie sind wirklich frisch. Bestell dieses Album jetzt und du bekommst garantiert und kostenlos frischen Presswerkgeruch mit dazu 😉

Video Playlist




For those who missed our appearance on TV follow this Link an move forward to 14:40 to watch it.


Für alle die unseren Auftritt im Fernsehen verpasst haben wurde dieser in der Mediathek vom MDR abgelegt.
Klick auf diesen Link und spule vor bis 14:40 um den Beitrag zu sehen.


'Nah dran - Das Magazin' from MDR on February the 23th at 22:35 o'clock!

Recently, an MDR television team visited us. Within the 'Laut gegen Krebs Festivals', which will be our headlining this year, we can be seen in the report by Nahdran Magazine!
Check this out!

"Nah dran - Das Magazin" auf MDR am 23.02. um 22:35 Uhr!

Vor Kurzem hat uns ein MDR-Fernsehteam besucht. Im Rahmen des "Laut gegen Krebs Festivals", auf dem wir dieses Jahr Headliner sein werden, sind wir in dem Bericht vom Nah dran Magazin zu sehen!
Einschalten! Freuen!

Kambrium live at Metallergrillen Open-Air 2017

We are playing a show at METALLERGRILLEN (Open-Air Festival) 2017!

Together with Bands like:


Kambrium live at RockHarz Festival 2017

We are proud to announce that we are playing at RockHarz Festival in 2017!
Get yourself a ticket to enjoy our greatest show so far! We will meet up there!

Kambrium at Summer Breeze Festival?

Summer Breeze

Want to see us at Summer Breeze Festival?
Click on the pic and write "Kambrium".

Thanks for your help!

Abyssal Streams (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Abyssal Streams (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

It's Christmas time and year is coming to an end. As a result we want to present you our new music video for our song Abyssal Streams so you are able to come through this beautiful but also stressful time of the year (don't forget to get yourself some drink)! Things will await you like slow-motion as seen in the movie '300', light effects as in 'Star Wars' and of course the best of our music! Stay tuned!

Es ist Weihnachten und das Jahr neigt sich dem Ende zu. Damit ihr alles mit dem passenden Getränk gut übersteht, präsentieren wir euch unser neues Musikvideo zu Abyssal Streams! Es erwarten euch Zeitlupen wie im Film "300", Lichteffekte wie in "Star Wars" und natürlich die beste Musik von uns. Seid gespannt!

The Lone Night Rider (The Vision Bleak cover)

The Lone Night Rider (THE VISION BLEAK cover)

Here we go!
This is our cover song of The Vision Bleak song The Lone Night Rider.
Enjoy and share.

Happy Nikolaus!

New Promo Photos - Martin


We are back with new promo photos taken by Isi (PHRENETICA Photography & Design)

Primary Martin is just driving the bus.
Secondary he screams the whole time… even now.
You can hear him right now if you are quiet and listen.

New Promo Photos - Maximilian


We are back with new promo photos taken by Isi (PHRENETICA Photography & Design)

Maxi is as fast as lightning.
His fingers leave a trace of fire on his guitar while  sweeping over it.
He is a literate and historical intrested person,
who always has a friendly advice for you.

New Promo Photos - Fabien


We are back with new promo photos taken by Isi (PHRENETICA Photography & Design)

Fabien seems to be the quiet one.
But when he takes place behind his drumset,
he becomes the beast with tremendous brutality!
In his hands, the drums change into a thunder machine!